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Highest possible recommendation. I can’t think of enough great things to say about Craig. He proactively responded throughout the process. He was always available and answered questions promptly. I never felt uninformed or unaware of the next steps. He was thoughtful, sensitive, detailed, bright, seasoned, honest, hardworking, staunch, steadfast and passionate. The perfect balance of knowledgeable professional and real person.  M.G. – business development consultant

Thank you for a job “very well done”. I’ve worked for several attorneys, and never have I experienced or remember any of those being so focused, prepared, detail oriented and professional, while being so respectful, at all times.  K.A. – legal secretary: rear ended by commercial truck driver, when on cell phone

I love Craig Wolcott for a job well done. I was very happy.  A. F. – driver: side swiped by 18 wheeler

I was fortunate enough to have had Craig Wolcott as my attorney during my trial. He is a very experienced attorney who guided me extremely well through the process. I was very happy with the results of my trial.  L. R. – driver: rear ended and rolled by unlicensed truck driver

Thank you so much Craig. We sincerely appreciate you and all you’ve done to help us! ​T.J. – realtor

Congratulations! We are certainly delighted with the favorable jury verdict. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for the outstanding result.  C.T. – client counsel

Craig, man that’s Great News! Where have you been all my life? Thank you! H.M. – business owner

​Thanks Craig. This turned out very favorably. Thank you again for your efforts on this matter. J.O. – property manager

Excellent! That’s exactly what I wanted to happen. Thanks. R.W. – company representative

​Thanks to your outstanding professionalism and diligent effort we were successful in obtaining a favorable verdict.   R.C.  – company representative

Thanks Craig for jumping into this matter. Much value added. ​S.G. – client counsel

Great job! (On EEOC matter.)  K.S. – employer representative

Thank you. It’s been a pleasure working with you. F.S. – equipment supplier

Thanks, Craig. This is a very good result. A.F.  –  client representative

I was very pleased with Craig Wolcott’s handling of my case, with great results. Thank you, Craig!  D. A.

I recognize the tremendous effort and highest caliber final argument you did! I was so proud of you. Thank you for the job well done!  D.D.